Da best Hawaiian plate ever for Aunty Pinky’s memorial reception. Not pictured: the delicious poi!
Kailua Beach mornings are where it’s at. Hardly anyone is here. Just you and the sunrise. Perfect start to a long run, or a lazy weekend.
My longest race and run ever. Just began running about 3 months ago. Mother of 2, eating well, running to take care of myself. I simply wanted to prove I could do it. This is training for my first marathon, in December. The Honolulu Marathon.
I don’t usually run three days in a row, but I had so much energy today. I think it’s because I ate a lot of good food over the weekend. ?
Sometimes you just have to stop the car and be in awe of your surroundings. #thrivewithaloha
My son, trying to catch a rainbow. He is an endless source of happiness, love and laughter. ~ Andrew Tan, MD
? splashing! ? #thrivewithaloha
With all the hard work we have done throughout the year, we're provided healthy, clean eats during our clinic celebration.
Flashback Friday... How do I #ThriveWithAloha? Foam Glow 2017 with kids
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In celebration of our 60 years in Hawaii, Kaiser Permanente invites you to share how you maintain and improve the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit in the islands. Use the hashtag #ThriveWithAloha on Instagram or submit your photo online for consideration for our gallery and social media feeds.


This Is How We Thrive With Aloha