Miki's Story
Miki-Ann Fetalvero, Kaiser Permanente Member & State of Hawaii Employee
Miki’s maternity care team sprang into action and saved her baby’s life. See what our coordinated teams and connected care model can do for you and your family.

Jessica's Story
Jessica Lani Rich, Kaiser Permanente Member
When Jessica started having a stroke, her care team acted quickly and saved her life.

Tony's Story
Tony Carrasco, Kaiser Permanente Member
Throughout Tony’s cancer journey, our team of cancer specialists was there to support him.

Samantha's Story
Samantha Loving-Urabe, Kaiser Permanente Member & State of Hawaii Employee
Samantha Loving-Urabe about what she appreciates most about Kaiser Permanente.

Ke'ala's Story
Ke'ala Fukuda, Kaiser Permanente Member since 1989
Although a prolonged labor was not in Ke‘ala Fukuda's birth plan, she was thankful to safely deliver her baby due to the support and care of her Kaiser Permanente team.

Paul's Story
Paul Gartrell, Kaiser Permanente member since 2018
A wave at Sandy Beach sent lifelong surfer Paul Gartrell headfirst into the sand, injuring his spine. Learn how Paul was able to avoid paraplegia through the actions of Kaiser Permanente’s Dr. Ravi Kumar and his team.

Olena Heu
Olena Heu, Kaiser Permanente member since 2012
Due to genetic risk factors for developing breast cancer, Olena Heu had a bilateral mastectomy as a preventive measure against the disease. Thanks to the integrated care at Kaiser Permanente, Olena was able to recover quickly from her surgery with peace of mind and the support of her loved ones.

Lisa Sullenberger
Lisa Sullenberger, Kaiser Permanente member since 2017
Lisa Sullenberger had a viral infection as a child that left the right side of her face paralyzed. She was never able to smile growing up but thanks to a wonderful surgical team at Kaiser Permanente, she can finally show the world the happy person she really is.

Auriella’s Story
Auriella and her mom Angelica, Kaiser Permanente Members since 2017
6-year-old Auriella went to the ER after her fever didn’t go away for a few days. She also found it difficult to move her neck. Learn how Kaiser Permanente physicians and staff caught a life-threatening condition before it was too late.

Kukla Family: “Kai’s Story”
Vivi Xie (New Mom and Kaiser Permanente Employee) and Matt Kukla (New Dad)

Kaiser Permanente members since 2015
“Had we not had some of the best, most-highly trained physicians, Kai’s outcomes would’ve been very different. And so absolutely – I would trust Kaiser physicians with my life, Vivi’s life and of course, Kai’s.”

Lusi & Daniel Kauvaka
Members since 2008
Lusi is a twin and has two sets of twins, which makes her a one-in-a-million mom.

Glenn Leonard
KP member since 1995
"If you want to feel better about yourself and you want to look better, that’s what the Fit Rewards Program has done for me.”