Everyone has the right to thrive

At Kaiser Permanente, our goal is to be the champion of health care in Hawaii.

That’s why our commitment to total health extends beyond the doctor’s office to improving the well-being of the communities we serve. Our partnerships in the public and private sector make an impact on people, policies, and places across our island home.

Together, we can build healthier communities and make wellness achievable so everyone in Hawaii can thrive.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente is investing in Hawaii’s communities:

person with paper bags of food

Fighting Hunger in Hawaii

An astonishing 136,190 people go hungry every day in Hawaii, and over 50,000 of these are keiki. Read how Kaiser Permanente is working with nonprofits to bring fresh, local food and produce to those in need.



How Climate Change Affects Health

Extreme heat and rising sea levels are just some of the environmental concerns for Hawaii. Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it impacts human health too. Read how Kaiser Permanente is tackling the issue head on.

mobile health vehicle

Kaiser Permanente is Going Mobile

Bringing quality care to a neighborhood near you. Our mobile health vehicle is unlike any other, with two exam rooms, a laboratory, and state-of-the-art medical equipment. We’re making it easier for those living in remote areas to receive care.