@tanlikesuntan enjoys taking photos of his son to #ThriveWithAloha . “It always reduces my stress level, and I love the time we spend together.” Mahalo for sharing, @tanlikesuntan! Share your photo by tagging your post with #ThriveWithAloha
Hula & Thrive Hawaiian Style: "May you have grace in your step, song in your hands, and Aloha in your heart!" ~ Shelly Davis
Thrivin' at Maili Beach with my friend Ollie. ~ Michele Pooley
Another ho hum sunrise in Hawaii, amidst the rain and cold! ~Holly Bergosa
Learning to get fit with yoga. Once I learn the basics, I can try a class in a studio :)
Snorkeling on the Waianae coast
Beautiful San Francisco morning! #thrivewithaloha
Congratulations to our own Corinne Domingo (left) on completing the Honolulu Marathon and our own Susan Freitas and Cynthia Moore for completing the 10K!
Thanks for the great idea @rae_nell. We are an awesome team of 2. Love our Halloween door! #kpit @kphawaii #kpthrive #thrivewithaloha
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Thrive with Aloha

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In celebration of our 60 years in Hawaii, Kaiser Permanente invites you to share how you maintain and improve the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit in the islands. Use the hashtag #ThriveWithAloha on Instagram or submit your photo online for consideration for our gallery and social media feeds.


This Is How We Thrive With Aloha