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Maternity care on Maui
Excellent care when you’re expecting

We’re growing to meet the needs of Maui’s women by bringing more obstetrics services and providers to Maui. As you prepare to welcome your new baby, we’ve got you covered with convenient access to the pregnancy care and support you need each step of the way.

Maternity services on Maui

Quality care for mom and baby

At Kaiser Permanente, you get access to 24/7 advice, high-quality clinical services, and compassionate support from our connected team of caregivers. In addition to our primary care physicians and OB-GYN providers, we offer a full spectrum of subspecialties that include maternal and fetal medicine, gynecological oncology, urogynecology, reproductive endocrinology, and infertility.

From prenatal to pediatrics

Our integrated care system creates a seamless transition and continuum of care for mom and baby, as mothers recover from childbirth and baby is welcomed to the world. Mom and baby’s caregivers are connected through Kaiser Permanente’s network of providers who are also connected to their health records. This integration allows mom and child’s entire team to provide quality care and helps prevent care gaps. Whether mom is visiting her primary care physician, or her child is seeing a specialist, they’ll have access to their medical records, which helps ensure high quality care for both.

Maternity services on Maui image

Meet our Maui maternity team

Below is a list of the OB-GYN physicians at Kaiser Permanente who live and practice care on Maui. View bio information for each physician by clicking on their name:

Maui maternity care locations

We have three locations on Maui where our obstetrician-gynecologists, certified nurse-midwives, and entire care team can work together so you and your baby can have the happiest birth experience possible.


For appointments and 24/7 Advice call: 833-833-3333

Resources for Healthy Pregnancy

Resources for a healthy pregnancy

As you prepare to welcome your new baby, we’re here to give you the care and support you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy. Find articles, videos, checklists, and resources to guide you through every stage of your pregnancy. We also offer various classes including childbirth education, newborn care, and more.

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Switching to Kaiser Permanente:

Supporting moms on Maui with access to obstetrics coverage and care
Kaiser Permanente provides access to essential maternity care and coverage for women on Maui. There are seven OB-GYN physicians at Kaiser Permanente who live and practice care on Maui. We are also in the process of hiring additional clinicians to address the need for pregnancy coverage and care on the Valley Isle.

If you are having difficulty accessing pre-natal care on Maui, here are some options you can consider, depending on your current situation:

  • Covered by your employer: Talk to your employer about enrollment options or visit your employer’s intranet site.
  • Individuals and families: Contact a assistor at Depending on your specific situation, will determine if enrolling in a Kaiser Permanente Qualified Health Plan is an option. It is important for to understand that you do not believe your current health plan is providing adequate access to pre-natal care.
  • Uninsured or losing coverage: Go to to answer a few simple questions and get customized options that fit your needs. You can also talk through your options to find the right plan by calling us at 1-800-270-4095. For TTY, call 711.

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