Kaiser Permanente is Going Mobile

mobile health vehicle

In April, Kaiser Permanente launched a 40-foot-long mobile health vehicle on Oahu. Equipped with two exam rooms, a laboratory, and state-of-the-art medical equipment, the vehicle is unlike any other in Hawaii. It allows Kaiser Permanente to take its services on the road and reach communities where there are no clinics.

“The intent was to be able to bring our primary care services to our members on the remote parts of the island where our members might have difficulty either getting to one of our brick-and-mortar medical facilities or, basically, they’re not coming in from those areas of the island,” says Shaunte Jacinto, RN, manager for the mobile health vehicle. “We wanted to try to bring it close to them.”

The mobile vehicle is staffed with a physician’s assistant, a registered nurse, and a driver/receptionist. Members can schedule primary care visits on the mobile vehicle for wellness physicals, follow-ups after hospitalization, wound care, and both chronic and acute illnesses.

It also offers a few nonmember services at no charge. “For our nonmembers, we’re offering blood pressure and other health screenings," says Jacinto. “We hope to, once flu season comes back around, offer flu vaccines and Covid vaccines to nonmembers also.”

Since its launch, the mobile vehicle has operated at community events, but Jacinto hopes to have a schedule soon of set times and places so people know where the vehicle will be parked. Members interested in knowing where the vehicle will be next and wanting to make an appointment may call Kaiser Permanente's one number for care at 833-833-3333.