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Meet Dan

Meet Dan Ryan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of JN Automotive Group. Hear about his experience with Kaiser Permanente, and how his employees thrive.

We're on the same team

Administering a health plan that's affordable, high-quality and effective is easy when you have the right partner. And we'd like to be that partner. By choosing Kaiser Permanente, you're investing in the health of your employees, your business, and your bottom line.

Most health plans offer a fragmented system of care. Our doctors, nurses and specialists all work together as a team, so they can deliver the right care at the right time. Our preventive services lower costs by keeping your employees healthy. And because many of our services, such as lab, X-ray and pharmacy, are usually in one location, employees can handle most of their needs in one visit. It's a smarter way to deliver care - so that your employees spend less time on health care, more time at work.

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